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10 Panel Urinalysis Test

Get fast results with a comprehensive 10 panel urine drug test analysis.

  • Urine drug tests can be performed at our 10 panel urine collection lab or at your local location.
  • No prescription or COC (Chain of Custody) required for the urine drug test.
  • We recommend that a non-negative urine drug test sample be sent to an independant lab for confirmation. Lab results will be available within 1-3 days. 10-Panel Urine Drug Test
  • Results for the urinalysis are ready within minutes*.

    PLEASE NOTE: We also offer a 10 Panel Hair Drug Test!

An *Instant 10-Panel Urine Drug Test

The 10-panel drug screen is one of the most popular drug tests administered by Transmetron. A 10-panel urinalysis screens for 10 different types of drugs; including several illegal drugs as well as prescription drugs. Our 10-panel drug test results are usually available in just a few minutes, which is great for businesses with a large workforce or law enforcement entities needing results quickly. We provide 10-panel drug screening at our lab as well as on-site, mobile testing.

10-Panel Urine Test Procedure

During a 10-panel urinalysis screen, fresh urine is collected in a clear container. During the collection we maintain a controlled environment to reduce tampering with the urine specimen and false results. Rapid drug test panels are then dipped into the urine for 20 to 30 seconds.

Observed urine collection upon request

10-Panel Drug Results

Transmetron tests for illegal drugs such as cocaine, angel dust, heroin, and marijuana. Because some legal prescription drugs can also become abused and dangerous for employees, we also test for those. Our 10-panel drug tests screens for drugs that usually fall into the following categories:

Who Uses A 10-Panel Urinalysis?

Alcohol Testing Employers, court systems, law enforcement agencies and schools periodically test individuals within their institution and under their watch and often use the 10-panel drug tests.

Workplace and law enforcement agencies have the greatest benefit from testing for drugs. Drug tests are crucial when used to determine if an employee was under the influence of drugs at the time of a workplace accident or injury. Employers may also use this test to screen potential employees for drug use to eliminate future accidents and increase workflow and productivity. Law enforcement officials and court systems often require a 10-panel drug test to monitor offenders who are on probation or enrolled in work release programs. If a positive test result occurs, an offender may be put in jail on a probation violation. Court programs involving child custody issues also utilize the 10-panel urinalysis screen often.

If you are looking for more information than a urine test can provide, we also provide a more in depth examination for drugs through our other drug testing methods including:

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Instant drug & alcohol screening is available for:

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