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Our staff Offer Drug, Alcohol, and Wellness Programs For Employers, Workplace, Business, and Judicial Use

Transmetron offers the following comprehensive drug, wellness, and alcohol workplace testing programs:

business servicesWhy Use Transmetron for Drug Testing?

Whether you are an employer or a judicial entity, you have a partner in Transmetron. Most of our comprehensive drug tests, alcohol tests, and wellness panels are convenient, private, and admissible in a court of law.

We offer a full range of rapid screen drug tests, lab tests, and hair drug tests, for businesses, legal systems, personal use, and schools. We utilize only the highest quality laboratory procedures and stand behind every drug test we perform. Transmetron mobile and in-office drug testing services are prompt, reliable, and affordable. Rapid screening comes with same day results!

Transmetron Is Your Human Resources Partner!

We assist human resources professionals in creating, implementing, and managing drug and alcohol programs for employers. Wheter you need to conduct drug testing before hiring a new employee as part of the application process, or you are in need of fast, reliable alohcol or drug testing after an accident, you can count on us! We provide highly accurate results in a matter of minutes. In fact, most of our test resluts are available instantly so you can get the answers you need FAST!

Drug Free Workplace Services

Transmetron provides in-depth consulting and policy creation services to establish your business as a Drug-Free Workplace.

Government studies reveal that 74% of all drug users are employed, and they project that one in six workers has a drug problem. One workplace user could easily cost your company between $11,000 and $13,000 per year in healthcare costs, injuries, damages, and lost production time.*

There are many incorrect practices that can reduce the effectiveness of a Drug-Free Workplace Program. These include focusing only on illicit drug use and ignoring alcohol abuse, an excessive dependence on drug testing, restricting benefits or access to treatment for employees, terminating employees instead of providing rehabilitation services, and many more that we've discovered in our years of workplace testing leadership.

Supervisors' observations are an integral part of a drug-free workplace. As they monitor employee performance and behaviors, trained supervisors can often identify a drug or alcohol abuser and recommend those employees to take a drug test based on suspicion.

Whether your testing needs are required by your workplace, mandated by a court, or simply a desire to ensure healthy employees, Transmetron is proud to offer a variety of services for whatever industry you are in.

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