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Employee Drug and Alcohol Monitoring Programs

Employee Drug Testing Program

Transmetron offers regular employee drug and alcohol monitoring programs, which include comprehensive drug testing and alcohol testing. Our drug and alcohol monitoring programs are easy to start, and cost effective to keep running.

With our monitoring accounts, our trained professionals will be fully responsible for the regular employee drug and alcohol testing. This will completely relieve you of ever needing to remember who needs to be tested and when. Our employee monitoring program usually goes hand in hand with our random name generation and consortium services.

We now offer Nicotine Testing (cotinine) for companies that offer health insurance coverage and are looking for coverage discounts.

Mobile and on-site testing is another attractive feature that makes Transmetron services valuable to your business. We provide mobile employee drug screening as well as on-site programs.

Why drug test your employees?

Statistics show that persons who test positively for drug and alcohol at the workplace experience higher levels of absenteeism and use sick leave to a much greater extent than non-users. Persons who use illicit drugs (or non-prescribed drugs) have levels of productivity from 10 to 60 per cent lower than persons who do not test positively for drugs or alcohol. Perhaps the greatest argument in favor of drug testing is the safety element. Persons who abuse drugs or who consume alcohol to excess are involved in significantly more accidents than those who test negatively. In other words, persons who test positively for the presence of drugs or alcohol become problematic employees. The best way to find out if an employee is a drug or alcohol users is to test.

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