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We know that drug testing isn’t a priority until it needs to be. Starting a new drug testing program or changing the one you have can seem like an unnecessary strain on your already overloaded schedule. But with changing marijuana laws, new drugs hitting the streets and the opioid epidemic in full swing, you need a partner who is an expert in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Employee Training

Did You Know?

Did you know that 9 out of 10 drug abusers and binge drinkers are employed by small and medium-size companies?

Workers know that most larger employers screen for drugs before hiring, so those with substance abuse problems tend to look for small to medium-size employers who don’t test.

No one wants to come to work in an environment that is unsafe. Safety and security are key factors to employee satisfaction, and the right drug and alcohol testing program reduces the risks for everyone.

Here at Transmetron Drug Testing, we can take the burden off of your shoulders. We will handle the entire program, from developing policies and a random testing program, to background screening and necessary testing. We will help you develope a drug testing program that will help your company be safe and more productive.

Transmetron provides comprehensive workplace drug & alcohol testing services such as:

You can also view our other drug testing options including instant drug tests.


Are your employees using drugs & alcohol?

  • In 2007, 12.3 million substance abusers were employed full-time.
  • Another 40 million employees were heavy binge drinkers.
  • 7.1% of employed adults drank at the workplace during the workday.
  • Smaller businesses are most frequently the environments with heaviest substance abuse and use. 9 out of 10 small- to medium- sized businesses (less than 500 employees) employed a current illicit drug user and a heavy drinker in 2007.
  • The best way for a business to combat these problems is by beginning a Drug-Free Workplace Program. The policy needs to be solid legally and fundamentally, and drug testing needs to be done regularly.


Workplace Training for Employers

Transmetron offers services that meet federally mandated protocol or that are required by the Department of Transportation.  Many of these services can also be of benefit to companies that are performing testing in non-mandated environments or wishing to create a robust Drug Free Workplace Program.  The following services are available: