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Infidelity DNA Testing

Transmetron is a full-service DNA collections facility, and we only work with AABB accredited testing labs.

Why get an infidelity DNA test?

If you are suspicious of your partner cheating, you can allow lab to conduct a simple infidelity DNA test on a sample provided.

While not court admissible due to chain of custody protection laws, Transmetron uses only the two most accurate methods of infidelity testing: blood and bodily fluid stains on fabric.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Other items that are testable but less reliable include:

  • cigarette butts
  • dental floss
  • ear wax
  • razor clippings
  • gum
  • toothpicks
  • used Kleenex

Due to the absence of chain of custody protection, the results of most infidelity tests are not court admissible because the specimen is often collected privately in a home. Chain of custody laws require that the specimen only pass through certain hands. To establish proper chain of custody, the specimen must be collected under the supervision of a neutral third party at a lab or hospital.

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Transmetron provides infidelity DNA testing for individuals. Contact your local Transmetron Lab for more information.