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Comprehensive Military Drug Testing Programs

It is common for all active duty members to undergo a urinalysis at least once per year for drugs and sometimes steroids. Members of the Guard and Reserves are usually tested at least once every two years. Transmetron offers fully equipped to provide all your military drug testing both in Transmetron and on-site at your military facility anywhere in the nation.

Military Drug Testing inEach sample of urine in a military drug test gets tested for the presence of marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines such as ecstasy. Tests for many other drugs are requested randomly depending on your location and military division. Some military commanders also are required to screen for steroid use in their military personnel.

Can you cheat a military drug test?

It is very tough to beat a military drug test from Transmetron. Though there are many "cheats" out there that claim to help pass a military drug test, Transmetrons can detect if a sample has been tampered with, if a thinner agent has been used… or if a substance has been ingested to try and mask the drug in the urine. These types of cheats cause a non negative result and are sent back. If a sample is sent back as suspicious, another sample is requested under direct supervision of the collector and is re-analyzed for deeper insight into the new sample, and it is also screened for many diluting agents or chemicals that are common in the market of drug test cheating.

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