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Specialty Drug Tests

Transmetron now offers "Specialty Drug Testing" for the more unusual or rare drugs (that other testing facilities do not test for):

Kratom - plant materials ingested that has opioid and some stimulant-like effects

Spice/K2/K3 - synthetic cannabinoids - designer drug that has psychoactive substances

Fentanyl - powerful opioid

Gabapentin - anticonvulsant, seizure and neuropathic medication

Ketamine - "special K" - has hallucinogenic and dissociative affects

Bath Salts Drug Test - synthetic stimulants

Tramadol - opioid pain medication

LSD - psychedelic drug

Psilocybin - "magic mushrooms" - psychedelic/hallucinogenic drug


Transmetron now offers a

NEW Multi-Level THC Marijuana Test

with rapid results!


Contact Transmetron for a list of all the instant urinalysis drug panels we offer. We also offer a comprehensive urine lab test that will detect over 600 drugs!

Urine Drug Test

If you are looking for more information than a urine test can provide, we also provide a more in depth examination for drugs through our other drug testing methods including:

Please contact the Transmetron lab for more information on the instant urinalysis drug panels we offer.

Transmetron services customers at Transmetron as well as business locations (your facility).