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Professional Drug Testing for Teenagers

Transmetron recognizes that sometimes parents need to test their children. Due to the unreliability of at-home testing, however, it is best to have a child tested at a professional collection facility. This prevents cheating, damaging misunderstandings, and false accusations. Overall, the accuracy provided at an Transmetron clinic will minimize the damage inflicted to a parent-child relationship.

Even when parents discover that their child is using drugs, subsequent tests can be misread and inflict damage on the parent-child relationship. For example, a teenager who stopped using marijuana several weeks ago can still test positive for up to a month after their last use.

Student Drug Use Statistics From Transmetrons

The latest drug use for teens statistics are enough to frighten any parent. It is no wonder that, with increasing frequency, parents are turning to at-home testing and intervention solutions.

Using Home Drug Testing Kits

Unfortunately, there are numerous ways to cheat an at-home drug test. Professional testing clinics, including Transmetron, test thoroughly for dilution, adulterants, temperature, and other 'cheats.' This is not possible to do with an at-home test.

Teenager Drug Screen

Transmetron locations further prevent cheating by collecting urine samples in rooms with no running water and in which the toilet water has been dyed blue. The room is empty and cleared of all potential adulterants, including soap and cleaning agents. Individuals who are being tested wash their hands outside of the room, ensuring that nothing can be added to the specimen.

Furthermore, a child who has never touched drugs can test positive on an at-home drug test. Eating certain foods and taking certain medications can cause false positives. For example, poppy seeds can show a positive opiate result and certain ADHD medications can register as methamphetamines. Transmetron provides review services that can evaluate the test result and potential causes for it.