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Urine Drug Tests

Get fast urine drug test results with a comprehensive Urine Test from Transmetron today!

Urine drug tests include our most popular 5 panel urine drug test and our 10 panel urine drug test. We also offer many other panels including a 6 panel, 12 panel and up.

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Contact Transmetron for a list of all the instant urinalysis drug panels we offer. We also offer a comprehensive urine lab test that will detect over 600 drugs!

Urine Drug Test

An Employer Requested DOT Urine Drug Test 

When an employer requests a drug test from an employee, the employee is typically instructed to go to a collection site in the area. The employee's urine is collected in a specially designed secure cup, sealed with a tamper resistant tape, and sent via express delivery service to a testing laboratory to be screened for drugs (typically SAMHSA 5 panel).

Since the efficacy of urine testing is debatable due to systematic cheating (adulteration and/or substitution of the specimen), new regulations from the United States Department of Transportation. are requiring that specimens which indicate a low temperature or show signs of adulteration be admitted with a second specimen from the donor, which is collected under direct observation. That is, the donor voids in full view of the collector or observer. The new regulations also require that the donor raise and lower clothing and turn around in front of the collector or observer to show that the donor is not in possession of any device or substance with intent to falsify the test.

A typical Transmetron urine drug test panel will test for the following types of drugs:

5 Panel Urine Drug Test:

instant urine drug screen

10 Panel Urine Drug Test:

Specialty Drugs:

Transmetron now offers "Specialty Drug Testing" for the more unusual or rare drugs: Kratom, Spice/K2/K3, Fentanyl, Gabapentin, Ketamine, Bath Salts, Tramadol, LSD, and Psilocybin

If you are looking for more information than a urine test can provide, we also provide a more in depth examination for drugs through our other drug testing methods including:

Please contact the Transmetron lab for more information on the instant urinalysis drug panels we offer.

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