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Federal DOT Alcohol Breathalyzer Testing

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Breath Alcohol Federal DOT Testing

Federal testing regulations require that an evidential breath alcohol testing device (EBT) approved by NHTSA be used for alcohol testing. This machine must be operated by a trained breath alcohol technician (BAT) following the procedures set forth in CFR 40 Subpart C.

When To Use Breath Alcohol Tests in your Business

The rules allow for screening tests to be conducted using saliva devices or breath testing using evidential breath testing (EBT) and non-evidential breath testing devices approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The driver and the individual conducting the confirmation breathalyzer test (called a breath alcohol technician (BAT) complete the alcohol testing form to ensure that the results are properly recorded. The confirmation test, if required, must be conducted using an EBT that prints out the results, date and time, a sequential test number, and the name and serial number of the EBT to ensure the reliability of the results. The staff at Transmetron are fully trained to administer Federal DOT alcohol breathalyzer tests. In factTransmetron has staff certified to train others to become DOT certified. Transmetron offers DOT Training Courses.

Transmetron breathalyzer testing procedures ensure accuracy, reliability and confidentiality of test results as outlined in the Part 40 rule.

On-site breathalyzer testing is available even at accident sites involving DOT regulated employees.

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Transmetron provides DOT alcohol Breath Testing as well as on-site.

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