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Consortium Services

Our full-service for drug & alcohol testing includes consortium services.

What is a Consortium?adfadsf

A consortium is a partnership of two or more organizations to establish an official random drug testing program of their own. To see if your organization qualifies, please contact our office.

Consortium Services for DOT Drug Testing

Our DOT Consortium provides a random DOT drug and alcohol testing structure. This consortium serves as your “Third Party Administrator (TPA)” for the members.

Read on for more details on our DOT drug testing consortium services, or call us for information on joining a consortium.

Transmetron can organize a consortium for your small business to establish a drug and alcohol testing program!

  • Consortium services are available for all federal DOT regulated and non DOT-regulated clients.
  • Unlike other consortium services that simply schedule and maintain the consortium's testing schedule, Transmetron's full-service consortium services include the actual drug and alcohol testing in addition to the consortium services.

Drug Testing Consortium Example:

A trucking company with only two or three drivers would have a hard time implementing a successful random drug testing program. Instead, they can join a consortium, where the names of their drivers are pooled with those of other drivers from other companies. Then, the random name generation program selects a driver from that pool. This more completely randomizes their drug testing program.

Contact Transmetron to set up your business drug testing consortium services. Transmetron is uniquely equipped to fulfill all of your federal DOT drug and alcohol testing needs.

We provide consortium testing services at our local lab as well as on-site at your business location.

Why Consortium Testing?

  • Streamline your DOT drug & alcohol testing process
  • Ensure compliance with requirements for random testing
  • We handle logistics - you focus on your own operations

National Pool

If you have few employees in safety-sensitive positions, ensure your DOT compliance by joinng a national consortium

Stand-Alone Pool

A company comprised of many DOT regulated employees make up a stand-alone pool for random drug testing.

Streamlining the DOT Drug Testing Process

When your organization needs help with achieving compliance with DOT drug testing regulations, Transmetron can help.

We provide a full-service drug & alcohol testing plan that will give you peace of mind, making this part of your business worry-free. Our simplified procedure is ideal for anyone who is subject to random DOT drug testing. We are a professional organization with over 12 years of experience, so you can trust the integrity of our results

Why Choose Transmetron Drug Test for DOT Drug Testing?

Transmetron can assist smaller, independently owned DOT-regulated organizations in need of an easy and affordable way to meet all federal guidelines for DOT drug testing. We organize a consortium for our smaller DOT clients, allowing us to provide DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing services.

As part of a DOT drug testing consortium through Transmetron you can receive:

DOT Mobile Drug Testing