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Court Admissible DNA Paternity Tests

Legal DNA Paternity Court Results

Transmetron provides Court Admissible DNA Paternity Testing Results to individuals

Some situations require court admissible results. This means that the results of the tests are required in a court of law as evidence. For a paternity test to be admissible in court, tests and results must be handled according to certain legal procedures provided by one of our local testing labs.

Why Would You Need a Legal Paternity Test?

If mom was not married to her child's father, she must legally establish paternity to collect child support payments. This is because she must prove the paternity before she can establish a court order for child support. More families than ever before need to establish paternity in the U.S. There has been a 377% increase in the number of children born to never married-parents in the past 10 years. Paternity may also need to be established if a couple was married and living apart when the child was conceived or if the couple was married and the husband says he is not the biological father.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity Via a Paternity Test

Court Admissible Paternity Testing

Our local labs offers legal, court admissible  DNA testing,  providing that the following conditions are met:

Our Local Labs Provide Court Admissible DNA Test Results Often For:

Our local DNA labs also offer the following DNA Testing Services to individuals and families

Our Paternity Testing Lab

Prenatal paternity testing is not offered by Transmetron. We suggest waiting until the child is born, as Buccal swab testing is so gentle it can be performed on newborn babies right in the hospital! The DNA testing procedure takes place in your nearest Transmetron lab (off-site collections available in certain cases).

Legal Paternity Testing and Family Studies

A paternity test is generally used to determine whether a man could be the biological father of a child. As a pioneer in introducing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing as a basis for establishing paternity, our Lab's scientific experts and DNA testing methodology will help you confidentially establish biological relatedness.

Our Lab is committed to quality testing and the highest standards - that is why we only perform legal DNA paternity tests. Our Lab test results can be used in courts of law (when collected at a professional DNA collection site).

Our Lab's legal DNA tests are highly accurate, excluding, on average, more than 99.999% of non-parents. DNA testing can also provide a high probability of paternity. Our Lab testing protocols are designed to resolve routine questions of disputed paternity as well as less common cases, such as:

Absent mother Family studies Deceased parties
Twin zygosity Sibling testing Multiple alleged fathers who are related
Grandparent testing Y chromosome testing Family study/reconstruction (to determine paternity when a parent's DNA is unavailable)

Our Lab performs testing on several different sample types. the most commonly used samplei s the buccal swab. This type of sample is collected by swabbing the inside of the cheek (buccal cavity) with a sterile cotton swab.

For more detailed information, see our DNA Paternity Testing page.