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DNA Slim Weight

Genetic based weight management program, GxSlim Test Information:

7 Ways Your DNA Influences Your Abilbity To Lose Weight

GxSlim is a scientifically-based weight management program that identifies your unique genetic makeup and then provides diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype. This is not guesswork, one-size-fits all or fad dieting of any kind. GxSlim provides the only diet and exercise recommendations you will ever need, because they are based on your DNA.

GxSlim will help you understand how your body uses food. It will show you what kinds of food you should or should not eat, where you may have deficiencies or excesses, even how you should exercise to optimize your weight loss results.

Summary of what is included in the report:
•    How your body processes specific foods and nutrients as well as recommendations
•    Frequency and types of exercise best suited for you
•    A customized meal plan
•    A customized exercise plan

Collection Kit: GxSlim DNA Collection Kit

Required Forms: GxSlim Participant Questionnaire and Consent Form

Turnaround time: Approximately 15-20 business days after the samples and correct paperwork are received at the lab.

Example Report: Click her for DNA Slim Sample Report.

Results: Results will be emailed to you.

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