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DNA Testing including Legal Paternity Tests

DNA Test

Transmetron is a full-service DNA testing facility.

Need a Legal DNA Test?

Get court admissible Paternity Testing results in about 3 to 5 business days from Transmetron!

Our full-service DNA test facility offers a variety of DNA test methodologies for use in a wide array of legal Paternity DNA testing, personal, and social circumstances. Our most popular DNA test is our Paternity Test!

Transmetron offers the following non-invasive DNA tests:

Transmetron DNA Test Procedures

Transmetron provides paternity test results with a routine turnaround of five days from the receipt of samples, with one or three day accelerated DNA testing available. Our trained DNA Test Consultants walk clients through every step of paternity DNA testing.

Each DNA test client's address, phone number and other personal information is held in confidence. Transmetron sends a report of paternity testing results to all tested adults, but without express written order will not release any personal information to the other parties. And, of course, our DNA testing occurs and records are stored in a verifiable, secure facility and unavailable to unauthorized personnel.

Maternity Tests

While not as commonly requested as paternity testing, maternity testing is another test that Transmetron offers among the comprehensive suite of DNA testing methods. Our DNA test lab utilizes maternity DNA testing for a number of reasons; the first is to establish a direct family link on the mother's side of the family, it can also be used in ancestry DNA testing to test the mother's ancestry or in forensic DNA tests.

Court Admissible DNA Test Results are available for use in:

DNA & paternity tests are available at Transmetron's convenient Salt Lake City location. In some cases we can also serve customers at their location. Please call Transmetron for more information: 801-596-2709.