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Federal DOT Drug Testing Mobile & On-Site Services

For your convenience, a DOT drug test or DOT alcohol test can be performed remotely at your business location

DOT Mobile Drug & Alcohol Testing Options

Mobile Federal DOT Testing

For your convenience, Transmetron offers a professional mobile drug & alcohol testing option. Our unique mobile drug testing unit is supplied with state-of-the-art testing equipment and our professional DOT qualified testing experts administer the drug testing at your location.

With Transmetron, you can trust that your DOT drug test or alcohol test is accurate, fast, and admissible in a court of law.

We will also come to your business or workplace to perform a pre-employment drug test as well as provide a random name generation system for your current DOT monitored employees.

Benefits of Using Our On-Site DOT Testing Labs

Transmetron offers mobile Federal DOT drug testing services that meet DOT regulations, even for non-DOT regulated clients. Reduce employee downtime by having our certified collectors and trained lab technicians come to your area business!  Transmetron offers convenient, on-site testing services for employers that offer the same quality of professionalism, accuracy, and instant results provided at our facility without requiring employees to travel off-site.

Added Benefits of using mobile drug & alcohol testing agency:

  • Certified Collectors
  • Trained Lab technicians
  • Quick / Immediate Results
  • Reduced Employee Downtime

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DOT Mobile Drug Testing