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Policy Development

When did you last review your drug and alcohol testing policy?

New drug testing regulations are released every year. Some affect you; some don’t. But you are required to know which ones do and how. In just a few minutes, Transmetron Drug Testing experts can review your current policies against the state and federal regulations that are relevant to you. We’ll check whether you are in compliance and help make sure you stay that way. We can also work with you to create a customized policy that reflects the specific and unique needs of your workplace

A Drug-Free Workplace Policy created by our experienced nationwide labs is the first step in creating a safe and productive work environment for your business and employees!

On-Site Drug Testing

"Having a drug-free workplace program in place is a workplace's best line of defense against alcohol and drug problems," states the US Department of Labor.

The USDOL goes on to add that "Since careful planning and consideration is required, a program cannot be put in place overnight."

Transmetron will work with you to design a policy unique to your environment and industry.

10 Reasons to Have a Drug-Free Workplace Policy

To be effective, every drug-free policy should include information on:

Transmetron has the experience to get your Drug-Free Workplace Program running as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are many benefits to implementing a quality program in your workplace. These benefits vary by state, industry, and company.

Providing drug free policy creation services for businesses nationwide!

Drug Free Workplace