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Environmental Drug Testing

Transmetron provides thorough environmental drug testing.

Concerned about drug use in your home, business, or school environment?

Concerned about the use of drugs around a child or infant in your ex-husband's or ex-wife's home?

In most cases a hair drug test can be used to detect exposure to drugs around an infant or child. Even if the drugs are just "in the air" or contacted on srufaces, children can still be exposed to dangerous drugs. We offer Exposure Hair Testing which can reveal external exposure in an unsafe environment!

Wiping a simple drug test strip over a surface is all that it takes to get instant results. The test is divided into several segments, each of which tests for a different substance.

Transmetron now offers a "do it yourself" Substance / Surface Drug Test Kit!

Environmental drug tests from Transmetron are effective in testing surfaces for traces of:

Environmental Drug Testing

The following drug categories can be detected with the environmental drug wipe technology:

Please note: drug test results from a substance or surface drug test show approximate drug(s). For legal results, samples must be sent to a specialty laboratory for confirmation.

You can also buy your own Substance and Surface Drug Test Kit.

Our tests work great for detecting or identifying meth labs (was your house previously a meth lab? Don't guess, know for sure!). See our Meth Lab Information.

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