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Federal DOT Testing

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

As a DOT-regulated organization, you must be aware of the drug screening requirements you are legally required to meet. This can be difficult given the complexity of the testing regulations and the regular changes to policies.

If your business is charged with transporting goods or people or performing other similar safety-sensitive roles, it’s likely that you are covered under DOT drug screening rules. Transmetron Drug Testing can help you understand your responsibilities.

Pre-Employment Testing

Follow drug screening regulations by conducting pre-employment drug tests on DOT-regulated employees.

Random Testing

DOT requirements call for random drug screening for all workers who show signs of substance-related impairment.

Post-Accident Testing

When an accident occurs involving a DOT-regulated employee, you’re responsible for conducting post-accident drug & alcohol screening.

Return to Duty Testing

After a drug-related infraction or accident has occurred, the DOT mandates that drug screening occur before an employee returns to work.

Alcohol Screening

The Department of Transportation has certain requirements governing alcohol screening for covered employees.

Breath Alcohol

DOT requires breath alcohol testing according to a particular protocol in a variety of settings.


Saliva testing offers advantages in certain DOT-triggered testing situations.

Why Choose Transmetron Drug Testing?

Transmetron Drug Testing is equipped to provide top-tier drug and alcohol screening to DOT regulated organizations. Our trained personnel follow all chain of custody procedures when conducting drug screening collections, in accordance with DOT requirements.

In addition to conducting collections for DOT-mandated drug and alcohol screening, we can provide comprehensive training for managers and regulated organizations, helping ensure your total compliance.

Whether you are looking to implement a new drug testing program or you simply need a facility to provide testing, Transmetron can meet your needs.
We offer the following DOT compliant services:

  •     On-site testing
  •     Drug testing
  •     Alcohol testing
  •     Consortiums
  •     Random name generation
  •     Policy creation
  •     Training
  •     Audit Preparation
  •     Post Accident testing

For more information regarding transportation industry DOT regulated drug and alcohol testing, see Drug Testing Requirements

DOT Mobile Drug Testing