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Fingernail Drug Testing

With a fingernail test from Transmetron, we can detect a history of drug use that has occurred within the last few months. Our staff offer fingernail and toenail testing, which can be a thorough method of detecting drugs if done properly.

How is a fingernail drug test similar to hair drug testing?

Fingernail Drug Screening

Similar to hair follicle testing, fingernails and toenails offer detailed information and a history of drug use. Depending on the length of nail, evidence can be gathered that shows all drug ingestion that has occurred within the last 6-8 months.  Please call our fingernail testing lab to get more information on different drugs that can be detected and how the time frames vary as the technology for fingernail drug testing continually advances.

How Fingernail Drug Testing Typically Works

Drug abuse has actually been measured in nails since 1984. However, the need to test for longer detection periods has given fingernail drug testing a new demographic to fill.

Like hair follicles, fingernails are composed of a hard protein called keratin and are tested with the same process as hair follicles. Drugs are incorporated into nails from the blood stream and remain locked in the nail as it grows.

Drugs enter the nail from the base as the keratin is formed and via the nail bed that extends under the full length of nail.

The most common method of screening for drug use in a fingernail drug test is by using the five panel. We also offer the following nail tests: The fingernail is put in a chemical solution to rid the nail of external contaminants and is then liquefied.

Nail Tests Offered

We offer the following nail tests: 5 Panel, 10 Panel, 14 Panel, 16 Panel, 17 Panel, 19 Panel. We also offer the followin "add on" or stand alone tests: Diphenhydrmine, Hight-Potency Opiods (HPOs), EtG (direct Ethanol Biomarker), Porprofol Glucuronide, Kratom, Gabapentin and Cotinine (nicotine metabolite).

Detection Window for Nail Tests

We are often asked, "How far back does a nail test go?" - meaning "What is the Detection Window for nail tests?"

Finger Nail Sample = Up to 6 months

Toe Nail Sample = Up to 10-12 months

Please note that because drugs and/or their metabolites take time to show up in nails, recent drug use will not be detectable in the nail sample. It typically takes one to two weeks for a chemical substance to show up in the nail.

Transmetron's method in testing fingernails for drugs

Almost nothing can alter the chemical composition of the nail's hard keratin protein, making it very difficult to alter the test or artificially produce a negative test result.

Please contact the Transmetron lab for more details on the precise processes used to perform fingernail drug testing.