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Our staff Offer Drug, Alcohol, and Wellness Programs For Employers, Workplace, Business, and Judicial Use

Transmetron offers proud to offer the following comprehensive drug, wellness, and alcohol workplace testing programs:

business servicesWhy Use Transmetron for Drug Testing?

Whether you are an employer or a judicial entity, you have a partner in Transmetron. Most of our comprehensive drug tests, alcohol tests, and wellness panels are convenient, private, and admissible in a court of law.

We offer a full range of rapid screen drug tests, lab tests, and hair drug tests, for businesses, legal systems, personal use, and schools. We utilize only the highest quality laboratory procedures and stand behind every drug test we perform. Transmetron mobile and in-office drug testing services are prompt, reliable, and affordable. Rapid screening comes with same day results!

What is a Drug-Free Workplace program?

A Drug-Free Workplace program generally includes five components aimed at deterring drug use in the workplace. These five parts are:

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