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Employer Drug and Alcohol Programs Managment

Transmetron offers drug and alcohol program management to employers. Our drug and alcohol programs are easy to start, and cost effective to keep running.

Employer Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs in

If you have a drug and alcohol program set up with Transmetron, our trained professionals will be fully responsible for the regular employee drug and alcohol testing services as well as keeping your business up to date with the changing workplace drug testing laws, rules and regulations. This will completely relieve you of ever needing to remember who needs to be tested and when, and you can also take pride in knowing your company is in full compliance with the laws in your local area. We provide complete monitoring, random name generation and consortium services.

MRO Services are a must for all employer drug testing programs.

Mobile and on-site testing is another attractive feature that makes Transmetron services valuable to area businesses. We provide mobile employee drug and alcohol testing services to businesses in any industry, field or practice.

DOT Mobile Drug Testing