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Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Management

Random Testing Program Management

Most employers have some type of drug and alcohol testing policy for pre-employment, but that is only a fraction of the solution. An ongoing, random drug and alcohol testing program is the perfect complement to your pre-employment testing.

A random testing program helps protect your employees and your business. Transmetron Drug Testing can work with you to determine the most appropriate frequency and the right substances to test for in your workplace. We provide the tools you need to keep your current employees safe and to assist you in bringing the best new employees on board.

Transmetron offers full-service for drug & alcohol testing includes consortium services, random name generation, random pool.

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

Transmetron offers random drug and alcohol testing for DOT and non DOT employees using name generation procedures for your business or organization. We can easily create a Random Pool which includes all of the employees your company needs to have tested according to your Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy. When the employee is randomly selected for drug or alcohol testing we notify the employee (or we provide the employee ID and you contact the employee yourself).

Random Name Generation is provided for safety programs, DOT requirements, and other business drug testing needs.

Why random drug testing for my business?

To provide a safe and unbiased review of your employment drug testing programs, random name generation offers complete confidentiality within your organization. Our Random Name Generator is 100% foolproof in it's random name choices which will completely free you of any responsibility in choosing which employees to test. When it's time to test your current employees and you want to offer a completely random name each time, then Transmetron is your partner in random name generation for employee drug testing requirements.

Transmetron will customize your Random Name Generation for drug testing program to include:

  • Testing type requirement
  • Percentage of tested individuals
  • Frequency of required testing